Wouldn’t it be amazing if you know the best data science training school in Abuja, Nigeria where you can learn from the best professionals in the field?

With so many training Centre scattered all over the nation’s capital, identifying the best among them becomes harder and strenuous to anyone.

Not many of the companies or schools give out the best to the trainees and while several one of them train students with non-professionals in the field.

There are lots of other things you need to look out for in a training company that makes it the ideal to learn a skill.

Read on to find out how you can identify the best data science training company in Abuja, Nigeria.

Best Data Science Training School In Abuja Nigeria – How To Identify Them
Best Data Science Training School In Abuja Nigeria

What is data science? And what do data scientist do?

Before we take on Best Data Science Training School In Abuja Nigeria, lets understand what data science entails.

Data science is a multidisciplinary field that uses a blend of mathematics, algorithms, machine learning and business methods to draw out hidden insights and patterns from data that can be used to form major business decisions. Data science helps you combine the knowledge of business tools and statics to form models and patterns that business can use for future use.

In data science, we deal with structured and unstructured data. It involves using historical data to find out useful trends to make present decisions and find the right model or patterns which can be used to predict what the future will look like.

Why learn data science?

We will delve into Best Data Science Training School In Abuja Nigeria, but first, lets look at why you should learn data science!

  1. Top Organizations considers data science as a critical business component.

Due to competition in the market and the stiffening Nigerian economy, most companies now turn to data science to find new business opportunities and get improvement on their product and services. As of today, top business organizations especially in Nigeria now see how important it is to their business. In fact, data scientist holds a major influence on the decision and strategy of a company.

  • You can choose from different job titles

As a professional in the data science field who has learnt from Best Data Science Training School In Abuja Nigeria, you will have a wide range of job titles or fields to select from. Since business makes use of big data, you can choose to be:

Best Data Science Training School In Abuja Nigeria – How To Identify Them

Data analyst

Sales analyst

Data analyst consultants

Marketing analyst

Financial analyst and many more.

4.You will be very integral in a company decision-making process.

This is one of the reasons why this field is most sought after. As a data scientist, you will be considered vital in a company decision-making process because you study present data and trends and provide insights that will be used in the future.

  • More career opportunities and better pay

After realizing how difficult it is to gather and interpret data, most companies are now looking for data scientists who can help them make the work easier. Lots of job platform both local and foreign now have an increasing number of data science-related job post. Surprisingly, most of the job adverts stay remain on the job sites for a long time because the company received few or no job applicant.

Due to the value of data scientist, professionals in the field are given better pay more than some of their counterpart in the IT industry.

How to identify a good data science training company

Identifying the best data science training school in Abuja, Nigeria might seem rigorous, that’s why we have taken time to show you the criteria to consider in selecting the best Data Science training school in Abuja, Nigeria.

Look out for school that offer;

  • practical hands-on training
  • a training that is project-based learning i.e., a training that shows you how to solve real-life problems based on what you are learning
  • training where you will be assigned a tutor to monitor your progress and also mentor you
  • avoid training schools with crowded classrooms:

training with crowded class has proven to be ineffective over the years. When you are trained in a crowded class, you will lack the practical hands-on training you will enjoy in a non-crowded class. Schools offering this kind of class are majorly after money or they can afford to the services of professional trainers

  • do not always look for cheap training institutions:

Another important way of choosing the Best Data Science Training School In Abuja Nigeria is to avoid overly cheap training centers. just as the saying goes “nothing is free even in Freetown”. No training school will offer cheap services and still give you the kind of training you desire. If the cost of training is too cheap; there may be a tendency that you will be kept in a crowded class or a learning environment that lacks personal touch and no hands-on training.

Also, most institutions offering cheap training are not equipped with the best instructors or teachers.

Best Schools to learn data science in Abuja Nigeria.

There are so many training companies offering data science training in Abuja, Nigeria; let’s take a look at some of the Best Data Science Training School In Abuja Nigeria.


Simplilearn is one of the Best Data Science Training School In Abuja Nigeria where you can learn from professionals in the field. they have one of the best training centers where you can get hands-on important technologies. They run their training in collaboration with IBM and some other top companies.

the only minus about Simplilearn is that they only offer online training and their training fees are way too expensive for most average Nigerians. The data science training they offer include:

post-graduate program in data analytics, data analytics, data science with an introduction to data science.

Datalab, Nigeria

Datalab is a multiservice data science consulting and training company. They offer consulting and training services in data science and artificial intelligence. Their work majorly deals with the mining of data for companies and analyzing them. Their online and offline training sessions are interactive and they make use of one of the best training technologies to train students.

The only con about Datalab is that they will teach you in a group instead of assigning a teacher to put you through till you become an expert.

The professional courses they offer include data science training with R data science training with Python, data analysis with SPSS and STATA, SQL for data science, Qualitative data analysis, data visualization with tableau, data analysis with Power BI.

ulearn systems

ulearn is one of the top companies that provides detailed data science training for students and corporate organizations. They help put students through training that will give students a hands-on experience on R programming language and other data science technologies. They also give you project-based learning where you can apply what you learnt in a real-life situation.

ulearn do have some cons; their classes are either done online or in a group training which is not beneficial to most students. The student may lack the one-on-one teaching experience that will help their learning process. Also, you may be exposed to a crowded classroom or an environment you may not like. In addition to this, their training is not as comprehensive as many other training companies.

At ulearn, things you will learn include data science basics, R programming, data analytics, data acquisition, machine learning and many more.

Become A Professional Data Scientist In just few weeks

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Bizmarrow Technologies

Bizmarrow is one of the Best Data Science Training School In Abuja Nigeria. they give practical hands-on training and ensure you become an expert before your graduation. The school is well equipped with qualified and skillful professionals in the data science field and their computer training is second to none within the Abuja metropolis.

The school offer both online and offline classes in many IT areas. Their students are assigned a specific teacher who will mentor and monitor their progress. They make use of a project-based learning system where the student can apply what they learnt in real-life situation. Once the students are done with the training, they are given a certificate of excellence.

Among the companies listed above, Bizmarrow is arguably the best as they give students the best learning experience that can help them build a wonderful career. And if you are looking for the best data science training company in Abuja, I will recommend Bizmarrow.

Best Data Science Training School In Abuja Nigeria

Why recommend Bizmarrow?

After analyzing Data Science training school in Abuja, Nigeria, we recommend Bizmarrow Technologies as the best Data Science training school in Abuja, Nigeria. . At Bizmarrow we offer highly professional support and follow-up monitoring during and after a period of the program

We provide practical hands-on training for students

Our training is project-based i.e., you will be trained on how to apply what you learnt in a real-life situation

A professional in the field (data science) will be assigned to monitor your progress during and after the training.

At Bizmarrow, they are interested in teaching you the skill than giving you the certificate

Our data science training courses are affordable and it is made for everyone even if you don’t have any prior data science knowledge


Whether you are new to the Abuja environment or not, you don’t need to move around Abuja, Nigeria to find the best data science company. Bizmarrow will give you the best and affordable training you can ever imagine. We are there just to give you the best service.

Now that we have shown and recommended the best Data Science training school in Abuja Nigeria, what are you waiting for?

Take the bold step by clicking on the link below to register and get started.

We can’t wait to have you!

Become A Professional Data Scientist In just few weeks

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