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The Digital SkillUp Bootcamp digital trainings in Nigeria are designed to help you to find your way to upskill and reskill in the area of emerging technologies.

Update your skills with current topics

Digital SkillUp courses bring basic knowledge on emerging technologies to all citizens and small and medium size businesses by providing learning content on topics like Internet of things, robotics, augmented reality/virtual reality and cybersecurity for everyone.

Study when and where is best for you

Digital SkillUp courses are self-paced, mobile friendly and available in 10 languages with a certificate of completion available for students passing the course. They can be taken as a series or one by one, you decide!

Learn in user-friendly language

Digital SkillUp courses use non-technical language and a variety of real-life examples that make the content easy to grasp even for beginners without losing the interest of more advanced students. 

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Digital SkillUp training in Nigeria’s courses are for citizens and workers alike, no prior knowledge of emerging technologies is needed to take the courses. The course content has been designed as a joint effort by a team of researchers and experts around Europe with the support of the Digital SkillUp team.

The courses create a foundation for understanding the emerging technologies and support you, as a learner, to move to more advanced courses in the future. The courses are free and available in 10 languages, every course is independent, and each course has a certificate of completion available for students passing the course.