I know you want the best Microsoft office suite training school where you can improve on the little you know about Microsoft office.

There are not many schools that will teach you how to use this suite. Some can only teach you the basic but can take you to the advanced level while many don’t have the professionals to take you to the advanced level. 

many students have fallen victim to some of these schools pretending to be good. But you don’t have to worry, we will help you with tips to identify the best Microsoft Office suite training school.

Best Microsoft Office suite training school in Abuja, Nigeria
Best Microsoft Office suite training school in Abuja, Nigeria

What is Microsoft office suite?

Microsoft office suite is a group of programs that are designed to make tasks easier and improve productivity in offices. These programs have a web version as well as standalone apps for devices. A full Microsoft office suite contains

Word: a word processing application that allows you to write edit and save contents.

Access – these programs help to create database and process data

Outlook- this app is handy for scheduling task. It is used to manage calendar and emails

Excel – a spreadsheet program that helps you analyse and visualize data.

PowerPoint – a presentation application that is handy in sharing ideas in form of presentations and slides

OneNote – this allows you to save ideas in form of notes.

Why learn Microsoft office suite

There are lots of reasons why you should learn Microsoft office as a skill. Though you may have a periphery knowledge of Microsoft office, you still need to take it to another level. Here are reasons why you need to learn Microsoft office suite.

1.The demand for the skill is high

Best Microsoft Office suite training school in Abuja, Nigeria

So many job roles in the world demand MS suite which is interesting to know. Most recruiting agency and job listing sites usually share proficiency in MS suite as a prerequisite for applying for lots of jobs.

2. Career opportunities worldwide

Microsoft office is among the widely used application for office-related tasks. This is because it is friendly to the user, learner, compatible with a lot of devices and allow you to store your data in the cloud. The skill is one of the top desires of most employee. Because of this, anyone with a good grasp of Microsoft office suite will get a job anywhere in the world.

How to identify the best Microsoft office suite training school in Abuja

If you desire to register in the best Microsoft suite training school in Abuja, Nigeria, then you should consider the following criteria:

Practical hands-on training services:

a good Microsoft office suite training school should be able to train the student with practical examples on how to use the programs effectively. The school will not dwell on baseless theories that will bore you. With this, you will learn faster and be able to create projects in the class and after the class.

Training where you will be assigned a tutor:

One of the top things you should look out for is to locate a school you will be assigned a trainer. The trainer will mentor and guide you till you become a professional.

A project-based training;

The real question most students ask after most classes is how can they apply what they learnt in real-life situations. When you enroll in a good MS office suite training school, you will be shown how you can create real projects in Microsoft office.

A good learning environment

The learning environment of the school must be neat and conducive for learning. It must not be noisy as such will discomfort the students

Avoid a crowded classroom

Crowded classrooms are one of the tactics most schools use to maximize profit. The end product of crowded classrooms usually ends on the negative side for the students. Because they get distracted by their fellow students and will lose the one-on-one touch with the tutor.

Avoid schools offering too cheap training.

One thing you should avoid is a school that will offer you too cheap amount as a fee to train you on MS Office Suite. Schools offering such an amount will not give you the quality you desire. They may either keep you in a crowded classroom or they teach you with unqualified teachers.

Become A Professional Computer Literate In just few weeks

Why not register for our practical hands-on Microsoft Office Suite Training In Abuja, Nigeria

Our Recommendation

After analyzing Microsoft Suite training school in Abuja Nigeria, we recommend Bizmarrow Technologies as the best Microsoft Suite training school in Abuja Nigeria.

Bizmarrow is a top school offering Microsoft office suite training in Abuja. our courses are practical hands-on training that teaches you how you can use the MS Office suite and become productive in any working environment. Bizmarrow is equipped with professionals in Microsoft office. Our teacher will train you on how you can get the best out of the Excel, Word and other productivity software in the MS office suites.

Though many other schools are offering Microsoft office suite courses, Bizmarrow stands out top among those schools. I will like to recommend this school to you, they are the best.

Why recommend Bizmarrow?

You will learn from professionals

As said earlier, Bizmarrow has the best professionals you can learn from. we always attach a tutor to one student so they can give each student quality training on Microsoft office suites. Our professional will also mentor and monitor your progress during the training or after the training.

A practical-based training

Most schools offer theories, Bizmarrow don’t give out theories. We ensure our training is hands-on and not theories.

You will be trained using a project-based system

Best Microsoft Office suite training school in Abuja, Nigeria
Best Microsoft Office suite training school in Abuja, Nigeria

Bizmarrow trains students using a project-based system in other words, you will create a project with the teacher during the project, the project will help you get a forehand experience on the advanced way you can use Microsoft office

Affordable training fees

 we give our training at the best affordable rates you can find in Abuja. with just a token you learn how to use MS word and other productivity tools effectively.

Code flare

Code flare offers a basic computer offers a training package that covers the foundation you need in your ICT journey. Their training is targeted at the young school leavers, employees and those who seek to write exams. Code flare’s Microsoft office training covers Microsoft office word, PowerPoint, and access.

The knowledge academy

This school is designed for those who need fundamental skills in office 365 applications. They offer a 1-day program that will take you around the basics in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint etc. Their platforms are internet enabled so you can use the suites for the training

Skill touch technologies

Skilltouch is one of the best Microsoft office application training schools in Abuja. their training is practical hands-on which will help students master the programs within a short period. Their advanced Microsoft office suite training covers MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS access.


There are so many Microsoft office suites training schools in Abuja, Nigeria but not many can give you what Bizmarrow is willing to give. Visiting Bizmarrow Technologies today will save you the stress and time you spend looking for the best Microsoft office suites training schools.

Take the bold step today by clicking the link below to register.

We can’t wait to have you!

Become A Professional Computer Literate In just few weeks

Why not register for our practical hands-on Microsoft Office Suite Training In Abuja, Nigeria

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