Have you been looking for the best graphic design training school in Abuja Nigeria, where you can train with?

If ‘yes’ is your response then this article is for you!

Graphic design is one of the most sought skills in Nigeria and the world at large. It is a skill that requires you to learn from the best schools within Abuja.

So many schools out there have a poor learning environment while some don’t have qualified graphic design teachers, these and many more are why you should carefully make the right choice.

This may be difficult but do not worry, we will help you with tips on how you can identify the best graphic design training school in Abuja.

Best graphic design training schools in Abuja, Nigeria
Best graphic design training schools in Abuja, Nigeria

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is an aspect of communication design where professionals create contents in form of images and colors to communicate messages. Graphic design involves the use of several elements like photographs, colors, typography, illustrations and icons to create visual contents.

Graphic design is one of the oldest arts used around over 17000 years ago to create paintings. Now you can see graphic designs in many materials like books, magazines, newspapers, adverts. Product packs etc.

What do graphic designers do?

Best graphic design training schools in Abuja, Nigeria
Best graphic design training schools in Abuja, Nigeria

Graphic design involves so many areas that you will find graphic design professionals in different career areas. And depending on the role a graphic designer takes, he may be:

  • Content creator: you create written, graphical, and multimedia content for individuals and organizations
  • Logo and identity designer: you apply your skill in creating an identity or logo for a brand or company.
  • An advert or broadcast designers: you develop graphic designs and media contents that will be used in television productions
  • Web designers: you apply your skill to create web layouts and pages for websites
  • A creative director: you become a boss managing a team rendering visual creation services to companies and brands.
  • A multimedia designer: you create visual designs and apply them to sounds and videos.
  • A product package designer: you create visual content that will be used as packages for products or brands.

Why learn graphic design?

More career opportunities

Graphic design is one of the most sought professions in the world today. In the past decade, big brands like Google, Apple and Facebook are investing hugely in the creative industry and they are always on the look for new graphic designers to create wonderful visual images. 

This has open new doors for professionals in the field to start a career. A graphic designer can work in many areas such as UI/UX Designs, mobile designers, content creation and many more.

Create your unique content in your name

As a designer, you have the liberty and opportunity to make a mark in the world with your creativity. It gives you the liberty to create unique content that you will be proud of sharing with the world. It’s always exciting to see personal designs displayed on billboards and media.

Become a boss of your own.

As a graphic designer, you have a lot of opportunities to be your boss; you can either own a graphic design agency or freelance your skills. Some designers even use their marketing skills to promote their brands or business.

Work Remotely

As a designer, you can work anywhere in the world if you are with the right tool and software. Most companies don’t care where you work as long as you deliver to their satisfaction. And if you like travelling, graphic designs allow you to travel around as “digital nomads”.

Best graphic design training schools in Abuja, Nigeria

Earn by being creative

Graphic designers always express their creativity every day. Most of their work is imaginary and always out of the box from selecting colour palettes to manipulation of images. If you are someone who loves creating visuals, you can earn a lot as a graphic designer. There is no limit to what your payment may look like, you can earn by working for an agency or being a boss of your own.

Life as a designer is fun

As a designer, there is no dull moment. It is a job that where you encounter different exciting challenge daily. You will be receiving different jobs to achieve with different deadlines to keep you on your feet.

How to identify the best graphic design training school in Abuja, Nigeria

If you desire to register in the best graphic design training school in Abuja, Nigeria, then, you should put the following criteria into consideration:

Avoid a crowded classroom

It is known that most schools who are after money offer cheap graphic design training service. Most of those schools has resulted in packing students into one class. This is not very effective because you will not get the personal touch you will get in a one-on-one class. So you must avoid any kind of school offering this kind of services.

Practical hands-on training services:

This is one of the top things you need to look out for. Good graphic design training gives you hands-on experience during your training. The training where the teacher teaches you practical steps you can follow during and after the training.

Training where you will be assigned an instructor:

A good graphic design school should have a special tutor assigned to you. The tutor will follow you up and mentor you till you become a professional. You should always avoid a school where a tutor will have many people to handle.

A project-based training;

A graphic design training school should train you on how you can apply what you learnt in a real-life situation. best graphic design schools in Nigeria will make sure they achieve a project during the end of the training session. With this, the student can know first-hand what it means to be a graphic designer. This is one of the best ways you can learn better and faster.

Avoid schools offering too cheap training.

As said earlier, there is a tendency you will be kept in a crowded class or an unfavorable learning condition in a cheap training school. Also, cheap graphic design training school may not have the money to recruit the best hands to train you.

Become A Professional Graphic Designer In just few weeks

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Best graphic design training school in Abuja, Nigeria

Landmark Computers academy

One of the best graphic design training schools in Abuja is Landmark Computers. Their students are mentored to designs various kinds of visual arts from beginner to advanced level. Their graphic design modules cover several areas like photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, and 3D max.

At landmark computers, students are trained by professionals in the field. However, they do not admit students like most schools. You may have to wait for the next admission set if you miss the current one. They also offer just offline classes like Skilltouch.

Skill touch ICT & Educational services.

They are one of the best graphic design training schools in Abuja. They offer training for students who want to learn graphic from the basics to the advanced level. They teach students using visual examples that cut across the principles of graphic designs. They teach their students how to use several graphic design packages like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe illustrator.

The only cons about Skill touch are that they only offer offline graphic design classes for students. This may not be favorable for you if you like to learn remotely.

Our Recommendation

After rigorous scrutiny of the best graphic design training center, we recommend Bizmarrow technologies as the best Graphic design training school in Abuja Nigeria.

Bizmarrow is a leading graphic design training school in Abuja. We offer graphic design training in several design aspects all areas of design. They teach their students how to handle lots of graphic design software like Photoshop, InDesign etc. Bizmarrow has lots of professionals who have several years of experience in the design field.

Among other schools listed above, Bizmarrow is the best among them and if you want the best graphic design training school, then I will recommend Bizmarrow Technologies.

Why recommend Bizmarrow?

Students who enrolled in our school enjoy interactive offline and online classes with a tutor assigned to them.

We have the best professionals to train you on anything you may need to know about Graphic design.

Our project-based training helps you solve real-life situation involving graphic designs.

Our graphic design courses are affordable and our courses are made for everyone even if you don’t have any prior design knowledge.


Now that you know how to identify the best graphic design training school in Abuja, Nigeria, what are you waiting?

Take the bold step today by clicking the link and register for our practical hands-on training.

Bizmarrow technologies will give you the best training that will make you stand out amongst others. All you need is to enroll today and join our classes.

We can’t wait to have you!

Become A Professional Graphic Designer In just few weeks

Why not register for our practical hands-on Graphic Design Training In Abuja, Nigeria

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